Trouble with installing WordPress


Hello. I am trying to make a website for a webcomic. I purchased a domain at, and I am using DreamHost as a server. I was going to install WordPress, I did the one-click and I got the e-mail from DreamHost giving me further instructions to fully install WordPress. The first thing I was told to do was (as I am sure most people that used the one-click install are aware of) to make an admin user at given link I clicked the link and all it did was bring me to (which is my domain) and as far as I know, anyone who inputs that address gets to the same place, so I feel something has gone wrong. I’ve looked everywhere on and I have not found any way to create an admin user (and I am suspecting that I shouldn’t have been directed straight to in the first place). Is there something I don’t know about, that I should do? I am having a lot of trouble with this.


Your DNS most likely hasn’t or hadn’t finished propagating yet. Try again, I get the page you’re looking for when I try.


I waited a while and now it works! It was probably just me being impatient. Thanks!