Trouble with installing Flashchat 6.8.1

I’ve been trying to install Flashchat 6.8.1 (from for over two weeks now with no success. I’ve contacted Dreamhost and the techs at Flashchat about it, and neither of them seem to know why it isn’t working correctly. I purchased the full version, yet it still behaves like the demo version (it kicks me off chat after a few minutes).

More specifically, I am able to load up the program and login, but not into the admin panel (it sorts of whites itself out). Then a few minutes later, I have to restart the Flashchat server via my shell command prompt because it stops altogether.

Both Flashchat and DH tech teams don’t seem to know what the problem is. I’m inclined to believe it’s on the Flashchat side as I know of several websites that hosted with DH who have used the Flashchat software successfully.

I have a private server. Has anyone had any luck installing this version, or any other older version on their private or even shared server? If so, please post here or contact me and tell me exactly how you did it and if you ran into any troublespots! Thanks!