Trouble with IE versions

I had to update a php app that displays a mySQL table in a web page: But the first column that contains the date was a little narrow in IE 10, my new version, so the year wrapped to the second line even though I specified a wider column in the style:

thead.fixedHeader th { width: 61px } and

tbody.scrollContent td { width: 61px } while the other columns are set at 51px.

I looked back through the script, found a line that seemed to set the IE version: [php][/php] I changed IE=7 to IE=10. Then the column width is increased in IE 10 ( but users report that the colum is too narrow in IE 7 and 8. How do I make this column a little wider in all recent versions of IE. Looks fine in FireFox.

there are a few ways to accomplish this, but one possible easy way is to add this code to the top of your page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if IE 6]>
<html id="ie6" class="ie" >
<!--[if IE 7]>
<html id="ie7"class="ie"  >
<!--[if IE 8]>
<html id="ie8" class="ie" >
<!--[if IE 9]>
<html id="ie9" class="ie" >
<!--[if IE 10]>
<html id="ie10" class="ie" >
<html >

that will give your html tag an id of whatever version (if any) of IE is being used, and a class of “ie”. Then you can create style rules for each version of IE that you need to, or a style for all IE versions using the class.