Trouble with .htaccess via SFTP

I am having no trouble editing .htaccess files if I log in via SSH. But it seems that today these files are no longer accessible from my SFTP software. I use Coda on a Mac and have been editing .htaccess files using this configuration in the past, but today they won’t open.

Has something changed on the DH side with regard to .htaccess file access via SFTP?

files that begin with . are hidden, so you either need to tell your sftp software to display hidden files, or change the name of the file from the shell so that you can see it in your software, then either make a link to it or change the name back.

Hi, Bobcat, that’s not the problem. I can see the files as I always have. I can confirm that the files have content from the shell. I can try to transfer the file (in Coda this is done just by clicking on the file), but at that point the transfer fails.

Good news, though. Restarting the app fixed this problem. I had tried opening connections to non-DH servers (which continued to work) and closing and re-opening the DH server connections (which did not help). But until now I had not quit and restarted the app. That did the trick.