Trouble with gmail setup

I’ve changed over to gmail for one of my domains.

When i sign up for Google Apps, and enter domain name, it gives the following message:

“This domain has already been registered with Google Apps. Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this domain.”

I have no emails set up, no login, nuthin… What’s going on here? All roads seem to lead to the above message.

I have read this post,, no matter where I click, it still says it already registered.

I had the same problem, and here is what worked for me:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ link.
  3. Go through the steps, including verifying you own the domain by either uploading an HTML file or creating an CNAME record.
  4. Within 48 hours (like it says), you should get an email from Google with the subject “Google Password Assistance”.
  5. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.
  6. You’ll get to a web page stating that your domain setup is not complete, and giving you the option to resend your domain setup email. Click this link.
  7. You should get an email from Google with subject “Google Apps: sign-up confirmation and next steps”
  8. In this email, there is a link to complete domain setup.
  9. Click on this link, and set up your admin account.

Hope this helps others, because this problem was a giant pain in my ass.

I have easier way other than CNAME and via FTP

go to

Put in admin in the uderid and some random password
dont login but instead click Forgot password below below…

when you click Google App will sent an reset email to your primary gmail email mostly with the one you purchased the domain

When you get the email then I guess u know its easy
click on the reset link and put in a new password.

I just managed to do yesterday and it works fine.

all the best