Trouble with FTP via AjaXplorer App

I am not sure if anyone else has come across this problem, but I am having trouble logging in with the AjaXplorer App on my tablet. When I insert my server and account information on my computer, or on safari on said tablet all works well. However when i try in the app, I receive a notification that I have “wrong credentials”.

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this issue.

I seem to remember researching this number of months ago for another post here. Going into that, I didn’t know there was an ajaxExplorer app. At the time we figured out that dresmhost hadn’t enabled something or other and without it you wouldn’t be able to connect via the app.

Apparently things are changing tho. I didn’t have much time to read but a quick google reveals that the ajax explorer APP is being deprecated, and everyone is encouraged to get an app called Pydio instead. Don’t know if that will have the same limitation or not.

Thanks, I actually found Pydio shortly after making this post last night. However the problem seems to persist.

I found the old thread here:

It’s not directly relevant, as it doesn’t move you much closer to a solution. The key tho is that it seems to require access to the ajaxexplorer server component, and I suspect that in securing webftp dreamhost made that unreachable from outside, other than thru the specific web interface they provide.

You don’t say which flavor of tablet you are using or why ajaxexplorer is important to you. If it’s just because its the same name of dreamhosts webftp client, then find another one, dreamhost webftp has many limitations.