Trouble with FTP - need help please!

I’m uploading/ftping for the first time and having trouble…I used - it appeared that the upload of zip was complete - all files were displayed but I’m not seeing the website in my dreamhost web panel when I try to “visit”… I wanted to upload website to - subdirectory I just created. Main directory is ‘’. Any help is appreciated.
thanks, dj

Well first thing I see is that you have mentioned two different domain names. Lets straighten that out first.
Which domain name did you get with your dreamhost account? I am assuming you do have an account with DH if not please say so.

My website


Domain name with Dreamhost account is - paid for a year - ends April 09. I created a new domain/folder to house “” an older site. I wanted to upload this older site to display online as an example only. I don’t want to register it - I just want it to be accessible… is this making sense?
thanks for your help,

You’ll need to point the domain at the DreamHost nameservers.

You can accomplish this by contacting whomever has control of the domain name and get them to change the settings at whatever management console NETSOL is pretending to provide these days.

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