Trouble with Dreamobjects

I’m trying to use Dreamobjects via my shared server. When I try to grab an object for the last couple days I’ve been getting timeouts. From the shared server shell, if I try to wget an object URL I get timeouts when wget uses IPV6 and success when it uses IPV4. IPV6 seems to be preferred by wget, curl, and php - thus, my timeouts are due to an IPV6 connection failure. Here’s an example:

–2020-05-16 13:28:44-- … the link …
Resolving objects-us-east-1. dream. io (objects-us-east-1. dream. io)… 2607:f298:5:ee00::33,
Connecting to objects-us-east-1. dream. io (objects-us-east-1. dream. io)|2607:f298:5:ee00::33|:443… failed: Connection timed out.
Connecting to objects-us-east-1. dream. io (objects-us-east-1. dream. io)||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 Forbidden
2020-05-16 13:30:55 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

You see the IPV6 connection is the first tried, and times out after a while, but the IPV4 connection completes successfully (even if the wget request isn’t authenticated to actually grab the object).

Is anyone else seeing this? I’ve had customer support in for about two days, and no acknowledgement yet.

Similar to this: Problems connecting with IPv6?

If you have trouble reproducing this with curl (like the person on that forum post) it’s because by default it doesn’t wait to see the first connection to fail. Using “curl -6” produces timeout reliably on the shared server Dreamhost has me on.

EDIT 19 May: They’re working on it - needed to go to “Cloud engineers”.

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Just tested it again this afternoon, it’s working!

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