Trouble with dream weaver

I cannot find the info on what to enter where on dream weaver. does anyone know of a thread that explains it? Im sorry if this is a question that has already been asked. It would not hurt my feelings to be directed to a help page or previous thread. Thanks in advance


Press F1 while in DreamWeaver :wink:

Do you mean just to conect to your server in order to upload files, or something more advanced like connecting to your live database?

If it’s feasible in your situation, I would probably encourage you to create your site in DreamWeaver and then upload it using a standalone ssh ftp client.

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It does help with playing around with ftp, so that you can get your bearings of the file structure here at DH.
With dreamweaver make sure you set up your site on your system. This helps with problems later on should you have issues with data backups.
You should have received an email from DH with your ftp account name and password. These need to be entered into dreamweaver.
Your domain name and the folder for uploading files on DH will match.
Other than that you should be ready to go with dreamweaver.
If you still have issues just ask.

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