Trouble with Domain


I have a second domain on my account, For some reason, it automatically redirects to my other website,

How can I get to redirect to


You need to set the domain as fully hosted. You don’t want a redirect for this. You should be able to end it the domain by loggin into the panel > Domains > manage domains > edit. Switch it to fully hosted, then click to save. Now upload you site files to the directory you set up and when you load you’ll get the index page.

–Matttail - personal website


I already did that.


Check all the settings for that Fully Hosted Domain.

I just had some problems today while changing settings. Maybe the Panel doesn’t like Safari, but when I’d change one domain, it’d inherit some of the settings of another domain I modified, such as owner (and subsequently the user directory) and the domain directory.

If that doesn’t work, set it to redirect to some other domain, wait a while for that to take effect, then switch it back to Fully Hosted with the appropriate settings.

Or just contact Support.