Trouble with Billing. Any ideas?

I sent this support ticket to DreamHost but maybe some forum members can give me an answer quicker?

"Hi, I signed up to dreamhost a while ago and am quite confused. I
signed up to the 'Crazy Domain Insane ’ Package which offered
webspace + a free domain for a whole year prepaid for only $9.24
using a promo code (777) which usually costs $119.40. I paid it off
via my Visa credit card. I have set the end date for my service to
end so that my package will not be renewed and have also set my
domain not to renew automatically. This means that I will not be
charged or renewed any more that the $9.24 that I paid upfront? Could
you tell me if that is true? I checked my invoices page and I have
found that everything has been paid and I owe nothing but when I go
to ‘Make Payment’ section under the billing part of the menu, it says
that I have a positive balance of $10.14! What does this mean and how
can I owe anything? Please could you look into this further as I do
not want my pleasant experience with DreamHost ruined.

Warm Regards, Adam McGoldrick"

I have now ended my hosting before the deadline of renewal and have killed my domain. This will mean that I won’t be charged but why does my ‘Make Payment’ Page say that I have a positive balance of $10.14 if I have paid for everything upfront?