Trouble with 301 redirect / .htaccess file

So, I redirected my domain within the domain manager to new URL, but when I navigated to the old domain (after waiting for a day), the old site at the old domain still comes up (i.e. does not redirect to the new domain). However, the pages within the site did get redirect to the new site, but land on an error page.

So, I created an .htaccess document and created specific redirects for each page. But, I still get the same result. I also could not figure out how to remove the redirect within the domain manager, so perhaps my .htaccess file didn’t work since the domain manager redirect was still in place. Can anyone help?

Could be something as simple as a DNS caching issue.

Can you share a link to your site so that others here can see if it’s working for them?

Sure! Here is the link to the site that I’m trying to redirect: – note that their schedule points to yet another site specifically for scheduling, which has remained the same on the new site.

It redirects me to

Noticed it seemed to “redirect twice” the first load (was in a blink of an eye), then goes directly to the target site on subsequent refreshes. You might check if the redirect is pointing at a non-www domain name, which is then redirecting to the www version. Not a big deal tho, really.

Other than that, it’s all roses from this end (Australia).

Yes, it was non-www redirecting to www. I fixed that just now and do notice that it redirects after a refresh. Thanks! Hopefully the www fix will clear it up completely!