Trouble uploading webpage using dreamweaver


Hello. I am using Dreamweaver CS5 to build my first website. I bought a domain using godaddy and followed all the instructions to connect dreamweaver to my server (also bought through godaddy). After setting up the server I tested the connection to verify it was was working. I set up my local site folder and created a new html file named index.html which contained a simple welcome message. After everything was setup I tried to upload the website using the put button. I tried this several times and nothing is uploaded to site. Every time I go the site I still see the generic godaddy message:

What am I doing wrong? Why can I not get my site to upload??? Thanks in advance.


Is your hosting account with GoDaddy, or here at Dreamhost?


My hosting is with godaddy…


Do you think that a godaddy forum might have more members who know how to troubleshoot problems with godaddy?


Do you have an account here at Dreamhost as well that you want to host on?