Trouble uploading PNGs via FTP

I seem to be having some problems uploading PNG files via FTP. I’m in the middle of moving my files from my old host to here and I’ve found that my FTP program will crash if I try to upload PNG files or if I’m even trying to upload files in a folder which contains a PNG file. I’ve tried using both CuteFTP and SmartFTP and both are acting this way.

I’m really confused about all this. I must’ve used FTP to upload the files to my old host in the first place so why am I having these problems now?

Could it simply be that te connection is timing out on a semi-regular basis, and not actually related to the pgn files? Doesn’t really make a difference in the end though, I think you need to contact support. It should not be an issue to upload anything.


I don’t think it’s a timing out issue because it’s too big of a coincidence that every single time I try to upload a PNG file (different ones), the FTP client crashes.

Thank you for the tip though. I will contact support about it.