Trouble Uploading Pages



I am trying to upload web pages, and having an incredibly hard time. I don’t think that it has to do with Dreamhost, but I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I’ve tried WS_FTP95LE, FileZilla and Nvu. In each case, I am able to upload the page titled index.html without any trouble. When I try to upload another page, it just hangs. I have no idea where to even begin trying to trouble shoot this problem, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be most grateful.




it’s stange… maybe it’s something about passive mode, in filezilla, select the host, advanced, passive transfer mode.

No Setup Programs (in spannish, yes… I’m from Spain)


Thanks for trying, but that has no effect. If anyone out there can help, or better yet recommend a decent FTP program, that would be much, much appreciated.




File Zilla works great for me with DH. I’d go back through file zilla, make sure the connectio is set up properly. that’s it’s set to automatically set transfer mode, and in passive mode. That being all well and good, it should work. Try uploading several dummy text files and see how that goes.

If not, you might try GlobalScape’s CuteFTP. It’s got a free trail but you have to wait a bit after load till you can use the program - to see their add. It’s a nice program through, and also works well for me and Dreamhost.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for answering. How do ensure the connection is set up properly? I can upload my index.html file, no problem. It’s the rest of the files that won’t go.




FileZilla shoud look like this

What are the extensions of the files that you are trying to upload? I’m wondering if for some reason there’s not a rule about how to trnasfer them so the program is simply dieing after uploading index…

Have you rebooted your computer rescently? when strange sutff is ahppenign sometimes it’s a good idea to reboot. Otherwise I’m stumped.



I use Smart FTP. It works great and is totally free!



Thanks for everyone’s help. It turns out that, despite being seven days old, my router is bunged up, and that’s where the problem lies. Thanks for your posts.


PS - Thanks to Dreamhost for the upgrade to Unlimited Domains and SubDomains - that rocks!