Trouble uploading a webapp that uses Doctrine


I’ve been locally working with a webapp that uses Doctrine, the ORM library for php.

However, I recently tried to upload it to my dreamhost server but when I try to run any of the scripts that use the library I get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING … on line 7

Line 7 is the following line:

Locally I’m running on a Windows machine and using wamp.
And my dreamhost server is running php 5.2 so I really don’t know how to solve this as the Doctrine library is full of \ slashes.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks

Backslashes in class names are a PHP 5.3 feature (namespaces). You can switch your domain to PHP 5.3 in the panel by clicking “Edit” on the domain in the Manage Domains tab.