Trouble transferring a domain from one DH account to another

Hi all,

I’m midway through transferring hosting and a domain from one DH account (the previous registrar) to another (a client).

I have access to both accounts and have been following the instructions on the DH wiki (at sting_account_.28Old_Account_to_Old_Account_move.29), but have run into an unexpected error while transferring the domain.

When attempting to add hosting to the domain on the client’s account, the message:

“You can’t add that domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support.”

is displayed, even though there is NO referrer or promo code on the client’s account (the account is in its first year, though, and billed month-to-month).

Could someone explain what’s going on here, and how to solve the problem? I opened a ticket with DH support but am posting here for good measure too.


All sorted thanks to the Steve from support on Live Chat. Thanks Steve!