Trouble transfering a domain

I went through the request transfer process to transfer my domain that is currently hosted on godaddy to dreamhost. I already have several domains hosted and registered here, so I thought transferring one would be a simple process. I inputted my cc info and paid the fee to transfer, yet I have received no notification that there is an incoming pending transfer. So I have no way to know whether the transfer went through or failed or anything.

Am I supposed to get any notifications, at least a receipt about my payment?

DreamHost probably sent an email first to whatever email is set up in the whois info (set in GoDaddy). so you should probably go and check what email that is.

if you do not have access to that email, change it in Godaddy, and then (I seem to remember) there is a place in DreamHost to request for that confirmation email to be sent again.

EDIT: After the 5th attempt the payment went through with a confirmation. /thread

One thing I vaguely remember from a client I was working with (who had a domain on Godaddy I was trying to transfer) was that they had accidentally signed up for some sort of GoDaddy Extra Domain Security. This was blocking all attempts to transfer the domain.
The client had to call GoDaddy to get that cancelled before we could proceed.

Also I seem to remember GoDaddy has a little section in the Domain Management tool that shows if a outgoing transfer has been requested for a domain.

You might want to wait a day before doing anything…check all emails again…check that section in GoDaddy…if still nothing then try the transfer again.

If you paid once, it should just be a credit in your DreamHost account. If so, it will let you use that “credit” next time you try (rather than having to pay again)