Trouble Ticket software

I’m looking to install some sort of trouble ticketing software on one of my subdomains. The problem is, the one I really like (Request Tracker, won’t install because it requires edits to the httpd.conf file.

Anyone have any recommendations? It must be able to link parent/child tickets (or “depends on” and “depended on by”), email is a bonus but not required. Any others I’ve found so far that look like they might work either require some httpd.conf magic or don’t have enough features to be useful to me. Thanks


Trying to get some momentum going here …

If you go to your DH control panel you can vote for “install RT as a one-click install” as a feature that you would like to see. Spend those points! --chris

Another way is to ask the authors to work around their issues so that the app can be run in a shared host environment. DH isn’t THAT unique.

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