Trouble subscribing Dreamhost addresses to forums

Good afternoon.

In the last few weeks, I have tried to subscribe to two different forums using a Dreamhost e-mail address. In both cases, I could not get the signup verification message delivered to my Dreamhost mailbox. It worked fine with a Hotmail mailbox.

I am quite sure it is not a spam filtering problem…I use procmail scripts and all messages flagged by Spamassassin go to a folder.

Any ideas what might be going on here?


How 'bout setting up a Forwarding-Only address to your Hotmail account and see if that works. Forwarding-Only addresses are fairly transparently passed through DreamHost without any analysis.


I am trying to get replies to my forum posts sent to my Dreamhost mailbox. This isn’t working.

Unfortunately, Hotmail doesn’t let you forward your incoming messages to another mailbox. Not with the free service at least.

I meant: subscribe to that forum with something like that forwards your mail over to Hotmail. A forwarding address is the most simple email mechanism here.


Many server moves and changes cause problems?

some ISPs block DreamHost mail?

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I do not want the mail to go to Hotmail. I want it to go to Dreamhost. And for some reason, I can’t get mail from the forum to go to Dreamhost.

Perhaps the forum software is using a reverse DNS lookup to validate e-mail addresses, and my Dreamhost domain e-mail address is failing?

I was just trying to help troubleshoot the problem. Good luck!


And I appreciate that. Did I say something to upset you?

I’m pretty sure that scott understands that, but was suggesting you set up the forward as a troubleshooting mechanism. By seeing if that works, more clues as to what might be going wrong are provided (since it is about the simplest mail setup on DreamHost).

While it doesn’t ultimately “solve” your problem, it does help determine where to look for the problem (and allows you to at least temporarily receive the email :wink: )



Ok, I finally understand why you are suggesting this. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I’ll give it a try.


Ok, good luck! Let us know how it goes so we can continue troubleshooting the issue.


I turned Procmail logging back on, and discovered that the forum verification mail was being tossed into my spam directory. But for some reason, I can’t access it. It seems to be going into a special bit bucket.

So I guess the solution is to turn off spam filtering whenever I am subscribing to a mailing list. Kludgey, but workable.

Thanks for your help.


Can you get to your spam directory via webmail?

A less kludgy solution would be to create a forwarding address that goes to your real mailbox: ->
Then set up a procmail rule that doesn’t filter mail sent to


There’s an idea. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I am using procmail and spamassassin for my mail processing, so I am editing the *.rc files, and the SpamAssassin “user_prefs” file.

So it sounds like what I need to do is set up an e-mail address for mailing lists ( and forward it to my regular address (

Next I add a “whitelist to” entry to user_prefs, whitelisting anything sent to the “lists01” address (I assign a score of -100 to any whitelisted message.)

SpamAssassin rules run on the message sent to “lists01”. This message is marked as whitelisted, then forwarded to “mark”. At this point, SpamAssassin does NOT process it again. So the message is not marked as spam, and procmail puts it in the correct delivery folder.

Did I get this right?