Trouble registering a domain

Okay, so this is somewhat of a long story, but I’ll start from the beginning.

A client registered a domain with GoDaddy. I wanted it transferred to Dreamhost.

I made the mistake of deleting the domain from my GoDaddy webhosting panel and then trying to register it on my Dreamhost panel. After a lengthy wait on a tech support response, I was told something about domains being held for a period of time, then being released to the public to claim again. This period, however, would be over a month, so I would not be able to register the domain on Dreamhost for a long time since I had cancelled instead of transferred it.

A later call to tech support resulted in the return of the domain to GoDaddy. I then went through the required procedure to transfer to Dreamhost.

I went through and selected full hosting for the domain in my web panel, and about a week ago it told me the changes should take effect soon.

However, my problem persists: I can’t access FTP for the domain. Under manage domains, it tells me (under registration) that the time remaining is unknown. When I try to visit the domain, it shows me the domain being parked by GoDaddy.

I have never gone through a transfer before, so I’m at loss for what to do. This website needs to be finished by November and ads have already been placed advertising this specific name.

Help would be appreciated.

In general, you can’t transfer a domain for 60 days after you register it.

No big deal, you can still set it up and host it here - just point the nameservers to, and through the Godaddy control panel, then add the domain through the DH panel.

Hosting and registration are totally separate, so it doesn’t matter where it’s registered.

If you want to transfer the registration here after 60 days are up, make sure you unlock the domain at godaddy, then initiate the tranfer through DH. You’ll have to authorize it when asked, then the process just happens–pretty simple.

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Oh, the domain is under the GoDaddy panel.
I’ll try transferring again.

Okay, now I’m even more confused.

I went through the transfer process on Dreamhost.
It asks for a registration number for the domain.

I’ve searched everywhere on GoDaddy and can’t find this number.

If 60 days hasn’t passed, I wouldn’t bother with the transfer yet. But if you’re asked for an authorization code, you just click on your domain in the Godaddy control panel. Then, on the left site, you’ll see “Authorization Code: Send by Email”

That’s how you get an authorization code. But until some time passes, I’d guess that the transfer will be declined.

For now though, I’d just change your nameservers. When you click on your domain, you’ll see it listed near the top. Just click and it will take you to where you enter the nameservers, which should be:

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I think you need to re-read what seiler suggested above.

At godaddy, change the name servers listed for the domain to be,, and Leave the domain registered at godaddy.

As seiler stated in his earlier post to this thread, you cannot transfer a domain between registrars for at least 60 days after you have registered it. I am not sure what “number” you are referring to, as I have transferred many domains to Dreamhost from various registrars, and have never been asked for a “number”.

I think you ought to start at the beginning, and explain where you are and what you want to do.

  1. When did you register the domain at GoDaddy
  2. What is the domain? (not being nosey here, we need to be able to look up it’s dns particulars to be better able to answer your question).
  3. Are you trying to transfer the registration of the domain (from GoDaddy to DH as the registrar), the hosting of the domain, or both.

Remember that you can leave the domain registered at GoDaddy and still host it at Dreamhost if you want. You just need to use GoDaddy’s tools, on their website, to set the DNS to the Dreamhost nameservers (,, and, then use the DH Control Panel–>Manage Domains page to “add” the domain to DH (see the botton of the page).

After you have done that,and DNS is updated across the net (anywhere from a few minutes to several days), your domain will be hosted at Dreamhost. You can always transfer the “registration” later without impacting any of that, or leave it if GoDaddy if you prefer.

There is no relationship between where a domain is registered and where it is hosted, except for the fact that the registrar must point the DNS records to the appropriate nameservers for where the site is hosted.


Agreed. I register all of my domain names at GoDaddy and then just point them to the DH nameservers. This is not only so all my administration is in one location, but GoDaddy is also cheaper. There is no advantage to paying a premium in this specific scenario.

A lot of people seem to get confused about the distinction between domain registration and web hosting, which are two completely different things which can be done through different companies.

– Dan