Trouble posting my files

Hello I am new to hosting, so obviously new to Dreamhost. My domain is, I believe I uploaded the files correctly. I uploaded them through the web FTP on Dremhost. I have the correct user name for the domain name, and all the files for the site are under folder in the webFTP. The site itself is not finished but I was just checking how to post the site since I have never done it before. When I look up the site online, it just downloads a file instead of going to another domain. I have looked on all of Dreamhost’s forums/help pages and nothing gives the correct information to successfully post my site. If someone could help that would be great.

What filename did you use? It looks like should be just index.html

Is there a .htaccess file there as well?

I used index.html. I did put the .htaccess into the folder. .htaccess within the file displays this code…

AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html
AddHandler fcgid-script .php
FCGIWrapper “/dh/cgi-system/php56.cgi” .php

The first line of the three is what I found online, and the second part is what Dreamhost said to put in if you were to use PHP. I have a contact form also within this folder, I labeled in “contact.php”.

I’m no htaccess expert, but I believe the first line is the culprit. You’re telling the browser that a .htm or .html file should run like php.

I have PHP (and static) sites and have nothing like those lines in my htaccess file. I’d say get rid of the .htaccess file and see how it works.

Deleting it actually helped. I should have asked you guys in the first place! Thank you so much!