Trouble porting a website to DH

I am porting an existing school group website to host at DH, under one of my domains. After reaping the entire hierarchy and installing it at DH, the basic functions (text, images, links) work, but certain scripted and (I believe) CSS features don’t work correctly under Mozilla Firefox (, but appear to be OK under IE.

In particular, when I navigate off the home page to another, the background color doesn’t fill, and a Microsoft sidebar menu doesn’t preload the button images. They do come up after mouseover, but not initially. The original site worked fine, at least for these functions, and it works fine when I test it locally on my PC (WinXP), just not when served from DH to Firefox.

Ultimately, I will not be maintaining the pages myself, but I want them to be properly functional before I hand the copy over to the originator.

I would very much appreciate it if someone more experienced then I could look over a page or two, and give me an idea of what’s going wrong!

Original site:
Copy site:

A quick example of the problem would be to click through to “Costumes”.

Thank you!


Your mirror site is using backslashes (perhaps it was designed for a Windows server?), rather than regular slashes. Unix servers require that you use forward slashes.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Damn!! Like Windoze, I am often agnostic wrt slashes…
I use them correctly, but I don’t always see them as incorrect.

Thank you!


Actually, the standards for URI (URL) syntax require forward slashes no matter what operating system is used.

– Dan

Don’t worry, Dreamhost’s systems will teach you to do it right. (Ve haf veys…)

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