Trouble loading dreampress


So long story short I originally loaded wordpress than deleted it becasue I wanted a fresh slate to start over. When I try and reload it I get an error of:

[color=#800080]We were unable to set up wordpress as requested at:

The problem was directory /home/r33pwrd/ is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
wordpress installation request.[/color]

Any ideas? Thank you


well are there any hidden files in there (like the .htaccess file) possibly. in your ftp program be sure you have selected to show hidden files so you can see and delete them. if all else fails delete the folder totally and create it again. be sure you have saved any files you wanted to keep though. there is also the option of just renaming the folder to something like and then creating a new folder and run the installer again.


Ok so I deleted it I think :slight_smile:

and got:
We have now completely destroyed the domain from our system!

(Except possibly the registration, if you registered the domain with us.)

If you’d like to re-add the domain, just come back to this page!

The Happy DreamHost Domain Destroying Robot! [/color]

so now I need to “add hosting” (think I did that correct) and got this:

[color=#32CD32]“” has been added to our hosting system!

Since it takes some time for new DNS information to propagate, it may take up to a few hours for your new domain to start working.

Right now no email addresses have been set up yet You can do that from our “Mail > Addresses” area at any time.

Also, must be using our nameservers to work:
Thanks for choosing us,
The Happy DreamHost Domain Adding Robot! [/color]

I hope im on the right path ??
so after doing above I still get:

[color=#006400]The problem was directory /home/r33pwrd/ is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.[/color]

Im lost now :slight_smile: Im not sure I understand how to rename it? Also im not sure I understand how to check the FTP program?

If I go to “manage domains” than under go to “FTP” (it opens a new window) and I see 4 directories:

all of these have files under them.

I should probably point out that I did install concrete 5 (and deleted in once I realized how limited it was vs wordpress)

sorry for all the FNG questions :slight_smile:


You should not have deleted the domain name from the dh control panel no but it looks like you readded it to your services so that’s fine. I am talking about logging into your account using a FTP program like FileZilla or if you use firefox you can get the addon called FireFTP. You will need your hostname (usually just and the username and password for whatever user it is running under. Once you have gotten such a program (or the firefx plugin) and logged in you can follow my instructions in the previous post.


Thank you! Please understand im about as smart as most 6 year olds when it comes to this :slight_smile:

So using firezilla I was able to access it. There are 23 files and 3 directories (see link below to screen shot)

I do not see anywhere that is says “show hidden” ? I do see a bunch of files that IMO should not be there right now? Do I delete all of these files?

There is nothing I want to keep other than the domain name at this point. I want to wipe it clean and start over but do not want to delete more than I should.

Thank you for all your help!


just delete everything in the folder then. the option to show hidden files would be somewhere in the preferences of the program. you can just delete the entire folder and create a new one. it would be fine. there are many ways to accomplish what you need to do. i primarily use ssh myself and using

rm -rf* from within the root directory would zap everything in the folder as well but that’s probably beyond you for now :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help! It is working perfect! Now to figure out how to master wordpress :slight_smile: