Trouble installing wordpress


I got a completely new website and domain name just today and used the wordpress 1click install. When I received the email after installing it said:

  1. Please create an admin user at:

I clicked on the link but it took me to a Rogers page that said “We did not find results for: ‘ wp admin install.php’”

I saw on some other threads that maybe it just takes a while for the DNS to propagate, but it’s been 7 hours already, is it supposed to take this long?


It looks like you may not have completed the registration for your domain — we weren’t able to complete the registration during signup, as there’s some extra pieces of information we need to register .CA domains. You’ll need to go to the Domain Registration section of the panel and finish the registration process.


thanks! I’m pretty newb even as a beginner haha, so after I registered the domain name, it’ll take a day or two to propagate?


Correct. To be more accurate, the fact that the domain used to not exist may be “cached” by your computer or by your ISP’s name servers, so it can take a little while for them to realize that the domain has popped into existence now — often up to 8 hours or so. (However, if you DON’T try to visit your site until it’s fully registered and set up, it can potentially show up more or less immediately. How’s that for weird?)


I can see the installation page, hurry up and install before someone tries to prank.


Well that was fast, but are the Wordpress files supposed to be stored on my computer?


No the wordpress file from your one click installation are stored on the server. You can use an FTP client to access them or copy the to your local computer.