Trouble installing WordPress

Tried to istall WordPress today, I’m not really into WordPress, quite new!

I already have the one-click custom insallation and got the email: 1.

Please create an admin user at:

and so on. But I got the 404.

Changed the sample.php uploaded it, made a database etc., but still no sign of a WP login page., still get the 404!

I do not know what to do!!!

Any suggestions?

Sounds like DNS is failing. Is the domain fully hosted at dreamhost? is Dreamhost the registrar of the domian name? it’s possible you are just waiting for DNS to propagate. This normally occurs in 12-24 hours but can take up to 3 days to be seen world wide.

That could be the problem. The domain is fully hosted, but not (yet) registered at Dreamhost. I was looking for a host which was easy & fast with installing WordPress. But I registered the domainname only a few hours before. In the Netherlands… So I still have to patient then I guess.

there area few tricks you can use to speed things up if you need to

In your case I would specifically recommend the section titled "An Even Easier Technique: Switch To or Add DreamHost’s DNS Servers! "