Trouble getting started


Hi everyone,

I purchased a domain on namecheap earlier this week, and decided to host it on DreamHost, however I’m having trouble just getting it started. I’ve specified custom DNS Servers for the domain on namecheap (,, Is there something I need to do on the DH side? I have it listed under my domains on DH but it’s not even displaying the getting started page… as mentioned it has been in plus 48hrs+ so can’t be a propagation issue.

Any help much apreciated, I’m a bit lost…



Well we cannot be all that helpful if you don’t actually tell us what the domain name is. So I’m assuming you went to manage domains and added your domain to be fully hosted. What do you mean about ‘getting it started’. Have you uploaded any files and they aren’t showing up etc? You have to be a tad more specific as to what your problem is.


Hi Ryo-ohki, thanks for the response. The domain is The only file I have uploaded is a simple index.html to test everything is okay (i.e. to get it started). Thanks.


you haven’t hosted it yet. you need to click on manage domains then fully host a domain and pop in

you might be able to get away with creating a dir in your account: and putting your index file in there, but i think you need to configure it in the panel first.


Hi bobocat, it had it hosted (set it up when I signed up to DH), but have since deleted it and rehosted it and all appears to be fine now. Thanks!