Trouble getting started

I’m moving my wordpress blog from Bluehost to Dreamhost. Getting a little lost in the process…And looking for some assistance.

I did a one-click advance install of WP. When I did it, when I go to webFTP it looks like all my uploads (images), theme, plugins are already there and I (to my knowledge) haven’t uploaded anything yet. I guess that’s a good thing.

I set up a mirror site so I could view what my site would look like at Dreamhost before pointing the DNS to Dreamhost.

So far, no luck with the mirror site. When I go to “import” my blog to the mirror site on its WP dashboard, my XML file is too large. I’ve tried updating the PHP.ini files (following instructions on the WIKI).

No dice.

I have tried going to to look at that. Nothing comes up.

I go to Nothing comes up.

I’m not a techie, maybe that’s the problem here. Anyone else have trouble setting this stuff up and can lend a little light? We’re moving hosting providers because BH just couldn’t keep up with our resources, our little blog has grown quite a bit in the last year…I’m excited about DH, but with the challenges so far, I’m getting frustrated with the move. Please HELP!


If your XML file is more than 7 megabytes, then you have to try modifying PHP.ini (post_max_size and upload_max_filesize ) to allow for larger files:

I’ve just kinda tried this, but go to the Panel here and click Account Status to get the MySQL Server name, then try connecting to



I posted my DNS to DH this morning because my old host suspended my account due to resources. I’ve done the one-click install of wordpress. It went into a folder on the root. So it’s root/ When I go to the mirror site, nothing pops up, when I go to my site, nothing pops up, I’m guessing the DNS hasn’t propagated yet…but shouldn’t the mirror site show wordpress dashboard at least if it’s been installed?

I’ve contacted support, not gotten a lot of response yet, asked that they call…I hate that I need to be hand held, but I’m really at my wits end here…

If you have the fully hosted WordPress at, then set up a Mirror at, the mirror should work without much delay (a few hours at most).

What’s your domain, and the mirror domain URL?