Trouble getting site un-parked and running

i’ve deactivated the parking once and got the message that it would disable my url. went ahead and did it to see what would happen. discovered it really does disable the url!
so i got the parking reactivated. then, after checking out some forum discussions, tried to “host dns only” but got “bad http” error.

so i re-activated parking but now the url is disabled once more.

what can i do to get my site up?

other deets:

  • i’m registered with Go Daddy and have already redirected the nameservers (weeks ago)
  • i created my site on iWeb; when i test the FTP from iWeb, it seems to log in just fine
  • i’m a total beginner at this!

any help much appreciated! thanks.

How long ago did you do this?
I just ran a config on the domain to bring that url live as soon as possible.
After I did that I now see the “This url is parked by DreamHost” page.
Are you still seeing the bad http error?
If you just did this a little bit ago it may take a few hours to be fully functional again.
If you are still having problems. Please write to our Support Team here: