Trouble getting python-subversion package on DH

Guys. I have opened a ticket about a missing python module on my Private Server. So far Support has not attended on it yet. The ticket was opened on the 8th, and I took 5 days for me to convey proper on what was needed and to Support to understand what my request was about. So ever since the 13th no one from DH has attended on my request. I asked for python-subversion (svn) module on DH. I note that this module is installed by default on So it seems like a reasonable request to me.

If someone can get in touch with DH to me abou this that would be great. Since there is no phone support and they are not attending to my ticket, I just don’t know what else to do. Many thanks. My ticket number is #2830242 submitted 10 days and 12 hours ago!