Trouble getting php module to work - ioncube

I did the php configuration per the dreamhost instructions. I then installed ioncube onto my site.

DreamHost support looked and said they can not tell what is wrong but the path names appear to be correct.

Site error: the file

/mnt/local/home/bwhitmer/ requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

We configured the file(s) onto the site at /mnt/local/home/bwhitmer/ folder.

Then in the php.ini file we put this line in before the other zend lines (per dreamhost support)

The ioncube instructions say:
To install the Loader in your php.ini file, edit or create the file /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini and add the following line before any other zend_extension lines:

zend_extension = //

where // is where you’ve installed the loader, e.g. /usr/local/ioncube/

If there are no zend_extension lines already, you can put the line at any point in the file.

Finally, stop and restart your web server software for the changes to take effect.

Installing the Loader for run-time loading

To install for runtime loading, create a directory called ioncube at or above the top level of your encoded files, and ensure that the directory contains the loader. If run-time install of the Loader is possible on your system then encoded files should automatically install the loader when needed.

Any idea why its not working?? I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

There are two versions of the ionCube loader. You’ll need to ensure you’re using the correct version for your server.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost