Trouble forwarding to Comcast & AOL

Has anyone had success in forwarding messages to either Comcast or AOL? Our Dream Host hosted website has a list of contacts, some of whom are comcast/aol. Messages to those addressees are bounced as “access denied”. So far, support has said there is no solution.

DreamHost disabled forwards to Comcast and AOL about a year ago due to how they handle spam. When an AOL user flags something as spam, AOL blacklists every mail server the message came through. Comcast may be the same way.


I’ve had that happen to me on messages I’ve sent to both, but have always been able to get the block removed. Those are two very widely used ISP’s, so it jeopardizes our successful use of the forwarding feature. If AOL and Comcast are black listing, who will be next?

It’s very likely to get worse before it, if ever, gets better. These ISP’s are not likely to change their behavior in this regard, and it’s something I am afraid we are all gonna have to get used to living with.

For me the solution has been Gmail accounts for such users. I understand that method is not desirable for everyone, but it has worked well for me and most of my users in this situation end up loving Gmail. :wink:


I have 4 gmail accounts myself, in addition to my “normal” account, and find gmail quite acceptable. Most of the members of our non-profit’s board are so inclined. Further, the fact that gmail does not block at the moment is no assurance they will not start doing so as soon as tomorrow. I’d like the Dream Host folks to continue to try to work things out with Comcast and AOL. Obviously, based on supports reply, everyone trying to use the forward feature is faced with the same issue.

I agree. DreamHost has indicated in the past that they view this as a “ongoing issue” that they continue to try to address; they have also been candid about their “mixed” success in their attempts to keep their servers unblocked with these ISPs.

I still firmly believe that the ultimate power to change this trend lies with the ISP’s customers. If enough users voted with their pocketbook and abandoned ISPs that block their mail, these providers might be more inclined to address the spam problem with less draconian measures.

That’s not to say I realistically expect that to happen (comcast is pretty much a monopoly in the broadband market in many areas), but one can always hope. :wink:


While it would be wonderful to have 2-3 million folks cancel their accounts with AOL/Comcast under protest, it ain’t gonna happen in our life times. Our itty bitty non-profit does enjoy “free” web hosting from Dream Host, but “free” is a relative term. In addition to the forwarding issue, I’ve just shot off a question to support asking why my Outlook seems to lock up only after changing my mail./smtp. to capture my DreamHost mail. Sorry, but I think we’ve got trouble right here in River City.

Ha ha ha! I agree with you in principle, but for the record way more than “2-3 million folks” have canceled their accounts with AOL - for a variety of reasons (though probably very few purely in protest!) :wink:

Edited to cite source:

“ISP Planet posts their quarterly report on the largest ISPs by subscriber, noting the belated official passing of AOL as king of the broadband heap. The ISP turned advertising machine has fallen two places to third with 11.9 million subscribers. Around this time last year they had roughly 18.6 million subscribers.” - From

That is most likely simply a configuration issue - you are probably going to need to use alternate port settings as many, if not most, ISP’s are now limiting the use of port 25. The Dreamhost wiki has lots of information on alternate configurations for many ISP’s as well as for specific instructions for POP/IMAP clients. You should check it out as you are very likely to find the answer to your smtp issue there.

He he he … The Music Man was a great piece of art, but “trouble” is a relative term. There are always adjustments whenever setting up something different or new. Once you get things sorted I suspect you will find it to be well worth the “trouble”. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have Folder Closed, Access Error problem for 2 weeks. Email has many problems. Price is right for you.

Are you talking about webmail? Often if you are using webmail exclusively, your “old-messeages” folder gets to be huge (depending upon how you have you webmail set up to manage your inbox).

Additionally, many do not even realize how large the folder has become, as “old-messages” is not subscribed by default at DH (It think it should be!). Additionally, if you are leaving a lot of mail in your inbox, at some point webmail will start to get wonky on you. :wink:

Many times, the kinds of errors you are describing are the result of a mailbox getting too near the “quota” that has been set for it, though I do not know if you have any such circumstance. Has DH support not been able to help you via the support system for 2 weeks now?


Not webmail. Not big Inbox. Support said: problems with various mail servers refusing connections or just timing out… working to get that fixed, but right now haven’t got any solutions.

I can see this is getting multi-threaded :frowning:
I changed my Outlook Outgoing port from 25 to 465 and that seems to have resolved the issue of get/send messages.
One of the board members with a Comcast address has taken up the issue directly with them asking for specific addressees to be allowed passage. Time will tell.

Thanks all for comments/suggestions. I’m ready to let this topic to fade into sunset until there is some positive step forward.

Let’s hope they are able to get a handle on those problems sooner than later! :slight_smile:


I’m glad you were able to get at least a partial solution worked out, and am hoping with you that the remaining issues can be positively addressed. :slight_smile: