Trouble creating Mail Folder

I have one question. I am a Dreamhost Customer since yesterday. Today I configured my Outlook. When I try to create a mail-folder I can only do that as a subfolder in the inbox.
But I wanna create these folders on the same hierarchical level as the inbox.

Does anybody knows whats the problem here?

Many thanx in advance, Reed

“INBOX” is the master folder. Everything resides in that. For example, see the wiki article on Outlook Express:

If you want to experiment, use webmail ( and click on the Folders link at the top. You’ll see how the default folders are laid out. Even Trash is in INBOX.


Aha. THanx for your answer. But how does dreamhost handle it that way?
I do not know some other provider how handle it in the dreamhost´s way?!?!

Is there any to change it?

THx, Reed

No, you can’t change it.