Trouble connecting to FTP

Hi guys,

I’m building a website for my friend. I made a page for “coming soon”, its just a an index.html with css and images.

I have been having trouble connecting to the page with filezilla, or even DH’s built in ftp.

What I have tried is the following:

On the manage domains page it has the site listed. If I click “ftp” it goes to a “problem loading page” at

If I click “webftp” it lets me put in my login and password, then it takes a while and times out with an error.

In filezilla, in site manager, I tried and as the site, with my username and password, it can’t find anything.

I tried as the site…this is the only time it actually works. I get a folder called along with logs and maildir. However, I put my index.html file into the folder, go to and it still gives me a “problem loading page”.

Also, I fully hosted the site 2 days ago.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you’re trying to do everything right, but there’s a chance it’s a DNS issue. Without the URL, there’s not much we as customers can do. If you’re not comfortable with posting the URL for your site, submit a Support ticket and have them take a look.