Trouble configuring Announcement list sign-up form


My announcement list sign-up form doesn’t seem to be working.

I tried to dutifully follow the instructions for setting up a sign-up form on my wordpress website for our announcement list. They are detailed here:

I carefully created corresponding pages for each of the landing screens in wordpress, then put in each of the corresponding websites into the edit screen for my dreamhost announcement list, and then put the same urls into the form on a page of my site.

When I actually go to the form to try to sign up, though, it doesn’t take me to any of the pages I’ve actually created. For example, for an email already on the list, instead of taking me to

I instead get taken to

That is a “Page Not Found” screen.

(As it seems the forum condenses the url above, here it is missing the first few letters:

Notice the difference, my name as “editor” and my email as "" show up in the url. This might be normal, but in this case it doesn’t seem to take me to the right place.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Here’s the (html) content of the wordpress page where I put the form through a paste bin link I hope works. (I didn’t know the rules for posting html code on this site):

And here’s the form page itself from my website:


Ah! Found a solution:


Cross posting in this forum is not necessary. One thread per issue is fine, if your not sure what section don’t worry pick which you think is best, the regulars here all use the link at the top that says “view new posts”


Apologies. It was an accident. I’m not certain how it happened, as I only wrote up the post once. I’ll be more careful.


If you didn’t see my reply on your other thread, you should check it out, Norton has your domain flagged.