Trouble after server move

I know this isn’t a way to contact DH but I’ve got to try…

Virtually all of my clients’ sites are down after DH changed our server. It’s been 27 hours since my first support ticket and I haven’t heard anything. PLEASE DH get in touch.

Tickets #2786455, #2786893, #2787103 and #2787862.


Ditto. All of my sites have been down since the migration yesterday afternoon. Most of my directories are missing, and some of my email inboxes are empty. Submitted support tickets but have received no response. I’d like to at least know that it’s being worked on. I understand that they’re probably busy dealing with all the issues, but it’s pretty unprofessional to allow major trouble tickets to sit that long without any communication with your customers or any mention of the issue on the status blog.

My ticket numbers are 2787249 and 2787261. I’d appreciate any type of ETA so I can pass this info on to my clients.

same here!!! i host multiple domains on my account at dreamhost. the domain names are registered elsewhere - goDaddy etc. none of them are working right now since the move. they are all pointing to dreamhost via,, and i thought this was supposed to be transparent. i love dreamhost, but this is a tough spot. please help!

Indeed. The server move was sloppy. My homedir content was moved, but they missed my cron jobs. Now, I can’t even access my shell account - ssh session closes immediately on connect and the scripts my business relies on aren’t running.

Status page says all is well. At many of the Internet companies I’ve worked for, heads would roll if a customer noticed a problem before automated monitoring.

Everything is down for me as well. All of my sites just show a directory listing of favicons. SSH is down, but that appears to be because of an attack they’re undergoing.

I’ve got ~70 sites that are currently down with Dreamhost.