Trouble adding a CNAME


Hi - I am very new however have been instructed to do the following:

Step 2: Add a CNAME with Dreamhost
Go to Dreamhost’s website.
Log in to the control panel.
Click Domains > Manage Domains in the sidebar.
Under your domain, click DNS.
Enter the following in the provided form:
Name: xxx
Comment: My Big Cartel store
Click Add Record Now!

however come up with the following error msg -Add a custom DNS record to
CNAME records may only be used on sub-domains.

Anyone any idea on what to do?? I am sorry I am a beginner.


You’ll need to add the store to a subdomain of your site (like “”), not to the main domain ( If you don’t want or need anything on the main domain, you can configure it in the DreamHost Panel as a “redirect” to the “store” subdomain.