Trouble accessing user shell account

** SOLVED **
Support resolved the issue (quite speedily I might add, Thanks DH support team!), which was a glitch in their update system.

I’m having trouble logging in via ssh as a specific user. I can log in with my main account just fine. I have reset the password (using the web interface) of the other account and waited ~half an hour, but am still unable to log in with that username.

It appears that the $HOME directory for the account I am unable to log in as has been removed entirely from the server (which in my case is This account was created several months ago, but has not been used recently, so I’m not sure when the trouble started.

Maybe worth mentioning, that the username in question may appear to someone who does not recognize it’s origin as a random series of gibberish characters. So, I’m guessing there is a possibility that a sysop believed the account was illegitimate? It isn’t.

Any advice on how to proceed?


Try logging in via sftp or ftp.

If successful, transfer the data and recreate the account under a different username.

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No luck with sftp, nor ftp.

Further investigation reveals that the user has apparently been removed entirely from lara. (No home directory, no entry in /etc/passwd for the account).

I’ve sent an inquiry to support@dreamhost, with specifics of the account in question and my customer information, so hopefully they can shed some light on the issue. (I don’t want to post those details to a forum).

Needless to say, it’s very disturbing that I received no advance warning, or even any notification, that a user account I created (and more importantly, the data in the user directory), was removed (or – I’m hoping – just moved elsewhere).

Thanks for your help anyway, sXi.