Trouble accessing new email account with Outlook

Hi, I’m setting up an email account for a contractor. I’ve added one with his user name and password and given him an email address. A “Login” was created by Dreamhost.

He went into Outlook and “added a new email account” by first clicking POP3. He then filled it in as such:

Your Name: his name
Email address:

User Name: m#######
Password: passwordisetup

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

When he “tests” it, the last two checks fail, namely, I suppose, “Log onto incoming mail server.” I can’t remember what the error said.

What have I forgotten? He’s on a different PC at a different location. Thanks for your prompt response!

How long ago did you setup the email address / mailbox?

I have noticed that it can take some time for new mailboxes to become active. You can tell if a mailbox is not yet active by the small clock icon next to the mailbox in Mail -> Manage Email.

I believe you can now use the full email address to log-in, instead of the m#######.


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Thank you, I think the clock was there while we tried. I’ll let you know if he can’t make it work. It works for me, but I didn’t try it when he was trying it.

No problem, I am always glad to help where I can. :slight_smile:

The activation period for mailboxes can vary quite a bit. A few days ago I created 2 mailboxes within minutes of each other, one was available almost immediately, while the other retained the clock icon for close to an hour.

I have a feeling that some panel changes are batched by the DreamHost system and executed only at some specified interval.


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Still not working.

I was able to create a new email account and “add” one to Outlook that was directed to that new one (I then deleted the new Outlook account), but my contractor can still not do that from his computer.

Is there something already set up on my computer that directs me to Dreamhost perhaps? I don’t understand much (such as DSN, etc.).

It is possible your contractor is experiencing a problem due to the way his ISP has things configured.

When you ‘test’ an email account in Outlook, it attempts to both send and receive using the configuration details you entered for SMTP and POP3.

Some ISPs block traffic on port 25 to any destination other than their own mail servers, this will cause the Outlook test to fail.

You can overcome this by configuring Outlook to use port 587 for outgoing SMTP instead of the default port 25 (DreamHost mail servers listen on both). You do this in Outlook by clicking More Settings then the Advanced tab when setting up an email account.

Another workaround is to configure Outlook to use your ISPs SMTP server for outbound mail.

More details can be found in the following wiki article;


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