Trojan - trying to restore from backup


I am a newbie. Our nonprofit site (wordpress) was giving visitors a trojan virus message. I scanned it with an add-on and discovered JS.alescurf virus. I deleted our database and am now trying to restore fro a backup but can’t sort out EXACTLY how to do that. I need to go back far enough to get a clean backup so I want to use one from my computer and upload it.

I will then need to plug the holes that let the hacker in in the first place…

How EXACTLY do I do this? Again, I’m a newbie…



I believe with ADMIN PANEL you can restore from there directly.


The admin panel only gives me backups from about 4 days ago…this is older than that so I will need to use a backup that I have on my hard drive from January.[hr]
Now I have deleted my old database, reinstalled wordpress and for some reason STILL get the Trojan error message…everything is NEW!

What am I missing?


Is that a Norton warning because Norton Internet Security is installed on the local computer you are using?

If that is the warning you are talking about then click “full report” then find the “site owner?” link on the page that loads.

Either way as site owner you probably need to go thru Norton’s site verification process, because Norton safeweb has flagged your domain.


Thank you - I thought there was still something wrong! My Mac won’t display the trojan error…but Norton Internet Security on my PC did. How can I troubleshoot these things when I am working only on the Mac?
Is there a way for me to view my posts from the old, damaged files so that I can copy content to the new installation of WordPress?