Trivial issue with html form

(I’m posting here because the web design forum, where I think this belongs, seems to be broken.)

I’ve been preparing to use the formmail script from the wiki, and firstly just testing my html page (not the script) locally.

I’m getting something bizarre, probably of no consequence, but it’s bugging me that I can’t make sense of it.

The email address field displays in my browser with a yellow dashed line inside its border, rather like graphics programs use to display masks.

Here’s a screenshot.

I’m using Opera 9.6 on Debian Etch. This quirk does NOT appear with Iceweasel (firefox). That could indicate an Opera bug, but not necessarily.

I’ve played around with the code and the yellow border comes and goes according to the name parameter in the text field. If the name contains email, e.g. bugemailbug, the yellow border is there. Remove any character from ‘email’, or insert an extra character, e.g. emaiil, and it goes away.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or some obscure feature?

I’m guessing it’s a feature of that browser, or a toolbar/plugin, like auto-fill, that can remember certain commonly entered info.

Especially likely since it seems to depend on what you name the field. I’d guess that things like name, email, address, city, state, zip, etc… would trigger it, since it’s commonly entered info.

Using names that don’t trigger it will keep things uniform looking, but those that use the feature might appreciate if it worked on your site.

If you just want to disable it for yourself, I’d just search through the preferences for your browser and/or any plugins you’ve installed that might affect it.

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Good point. It might have something to do with that Wand thing.

I’ve always turned Wand off so it’s only a guess.

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Thanks–you guys are geniuses.

I’ve clicked the Wand button and Opera entered my email address and the yellow border vanished.

I’ve been using Wand and form fill in Opera for years and never realised that Wand would autofill form fields (if recognised) - I’ve used autocompletion instead.

Lots of great features in Opera, but it seems the ones I know are ever more outnumbered by the ones I don’t.

Best browser ever!

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