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I’m interested in signing up for DreamHost for my not-for-profit’s little site. It’s mostly static HTML but I wanted to add an RSS feed and a password-protected user forum. I’m pretty sure there are the extentions needed for these – but I’m not quite sure the best plan or the best way to go about it (my web programming skills are, at best, sad.)

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance…

The control panel includes “one-click” installations of popular applications, including a forum. RSS feeds are usually automatically generated by whatever application you are using.

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Thanks! I’ll throw in one more question: I want to transfer a domain to dreamhost (if I sign up) – I saw there was an option to register a subdomain. It said I could sign up for a free domain later – but does that include transfers? Unless I misunderstood, I need to get some info from our current hosting company first, and that could take a bit of time… (and I don’t want to miss out on the sale!)

You can have a free subdomain with, but if you want you must also have hosted here as well.

I don’t know if the free domain is applicable to transfers as well. I’ve been here for over 2 years, and I still haven’t used my free domain registration.

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when you sign up an account in DH, you will see free domain and free DH domain. If you sign up with a free DH domain like, you will still have the free domain name. You can check via DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts
Under Domain Registered, you will see (0, 1 free). It means you have 1 free domain.

I don’t think DH charges for transferring domains. However, you should check with the server provider where you register the domain.

And you do not need to transfer the domain to DH. You can host the domain in DH by setting up the DNS.

After you set up the DNS, you may need to wait for few days for the DNS change to propagate in the server. When you see the domain in DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains, you can start hosting the domain in DH already. You may want to refer to wiki for more information.

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Did you know that as a not-for-profit you can show your 501©(3) and get the stricly business plan for free? There’s instructions on just how to sign up and all here

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Very true. I would suggest creating an account with a subdomain and then contacting support and requesting the domain transfer with your free domain. I don’t see why they would have an issue with that, as it is the same cost.

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You can actually ask for the domain registration to be transferred during the sign-up process, the registration will be extended by 12 months and the cost of doing this will be covered by the ‘free’ domain offered with the plan. You just need to select the “I already own a domain, I want to host it AND transfer the registration for free!” option when signing-up.

There is no need to contact DreamHost support at all.


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But if you really want to you can. They’re very nice when you aren’t complaining. And even then they’re sometimes nice.

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