Trial Service


I’m looking to set up my own website to host my artwork. I signed up for the free two week trial and registered a domain name. I want to use wordpress one click install with a layout I’ve already chosen, but the site won’t let me install unless the domain is “fully hosted”, but I don’t want to go shell out money for “fully hosted” until I’ve used my two weeks to see if I like what I can do with this. The welcome page mentions waiting a day for everything to set up and I’ve already done that…

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what comes in the 2 week free trial, but if ‘fully hosted’ isn’t part of it then it’s not really a free trial.

There is a big difference “one-click” installing “simple” vs “custom” however and if you picked “simple” then that’s the problem. In simple mode you simply can’t add anything! Use ‘custom’ without you can’t add your own layout.

I tried both, but it seems kind of silly to have a “free trial” but deny you any options to where you can see what the site is capable of. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

If you installed ‘custom’ then the domain has to be ‘fully hosted’ I believe…

there is a 97 day money back guarantee too…

Ah, I forgot about the money-back offer. That makes me a little less cautious. Thanks again!

I asked and found out that 2-week trial accounts are full fledged accounts. The only thing handled differently is domain registrations:

So with that in mind you should navigate to manage domains in the panel and click “fully host”. The phrasing here is confusing because you are in a free trial, what “not fully hosted” actually means is that the domain is attached to your account, but there is no hosting services provisioned on a dreamhost server for that domain.