Trial period applies to plan upgrades?

I have been with dreamhost for a few years now on Crazy Domain Insane.

I took advantage of the recent upgrade sale to Code Monster, speculating that a friend would be able to use some of the extra services on that plan. It hasn’t panned out – he was scared away by DDOS problem and other negative press DH has gotten lately.

I have downgraded my account back to Crazy Domain, but there is still about $70 in credit left. I could really use this money back right now. Since it hasn’t yet been the 91 days since I upgraded this plan, can I get the money back?

Hi crouton,

We’re sorry, the 91 day money back guarantee only applies to new accounts, not upgrades.

However, since you’re keeping your account open and just have a positive balance with us, just contact support and I’m sure they’ll be able to credit you the extra you’ve got now.