Trial account activation


I signed up for a two-week trial and received the message “Your free trial will begin as soon as your account is activated!”

This was yesterday so I was wondering how long I can expect it to take.


Most everyone here is a customer and can’t really answer your question.

From previous threads and posts we have learned a few things however, one is that different regions of the world are treated differently. If your signup originated from a region with a high rate of fraud there may be more time required to verify the integrity of your information. It’s also been stated that the credit card information that you submitted must be valid and that it must be a working card.

You can contact Dreamhost directly using this form:


Thanks, LakeRat. I understand the nature of these forums - was just wondering about other customers’ experiences. I am yet to receive any sort feedback on creating the account but I will use the form you suggested to contact them.


I’m here because I also signed up 2 days ago, but account still not activated. No phone support, no way to email them except through the form. I can’t even cancel because the cancel button in the control panel isn’t working. I sent a message through the form this morning, and it’s been quite a while now.

My credit card’s been charged a buck and change. Very disappointed with them.