Tree Nav with PHP/MySQL

Hi all!
I’ve been looking on the web and I don’t see anything that looks a) reasonably simple b) will work. I was hoping one of the superheros here could help out.

What I need to do is create a nav menu using PHP/Mysql. I’m already doing a Gallery/category structure which looks like this:


I want to make it dynamic enough to allow more levels:
Level 1
– Level 2
----Level 2a
------Level 2a2

Obviously I don’t recommend that many levels…but I figure with an n-tier script the actual number wouldn’t matter.

My thought process was that each category in a level would have the following attributes:
Parent_id = ‘1’, Child_id = ‘1’,
Parent_id = ‘1’, Child_id = ‘2’,
Parent_id = ‘2’, Child_id= ‘1’,
Parent_id = ‘2’, Child_id=‘3’,

Where the parent id of the next level would be the same id of the child level above it. I was thinking I could do a sort on mysql to order by parent_id, child_id. That way if I did a select on the whole table, it should be in order to just run out in the array.

Would this work? Anyone have any better ideas?

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I think you will need 4 fields: id, parent, and order, value.

A tree is basically a list of lists of lists… so you need a way to sort the list (order) and each list needs a link to the parent list (parent) and its own id.


I. A. B. i. ii. iii. C. II.You have

id=1 parent=0 order=1 value=I
id=2 parent=0 order=2 value=II
id=3 parent=1 order=1 value=A
id=4 parent=1 order=2 value=B
id=5 parent=1 order=3 value=C
id=6 parent=4 order=1 value=i
id=7 parent=4 order=2 value=ii
id=8 parent=4 order=3 value=iii

Granted you could do the same with 3 fields if you keep the lists sorted, eg

id=1 level=0 value=I
id=2 level=1 value=A
id=3 level=1 value=B
id=5 level=2 value=i
id=6 level=2 value=ii
id=7 level=2 value=iii
id=8 level=1 value=C

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