Trasferring Domain from one account to another

This is a relatively simple problem I believe, but I have been confused about the process for accomplishing it. I have two web hosting plans with Dreamhost (both the Strictly Business plans). I would like to transfer a domain hosted by one plan to my other plan and then close one of the plans. I’m worried that in doing this incorrectly that I will cause some unintended problems. Could anyone provide some guidance? Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.

We can’t do this ourselves via Panel. Previously hosted domain names are in a sense “locked” onto an account. This stops us from playing the system - ie. letting our account expire then creating a new one (with another discount) and attaching our old domains to it.

If you own both accounts and your reasons for account domain switching are legit then Support can make the changes for you. Just explain your situation to them in a ticket via Panel, along with the changes you’d like to make.

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