Transparent windows ftp/samba like client?

Hi everyone. I was looking at the old discussion about the dropping of samba as I have been hunting around for a product that would allow me to seamlessly work my DH account into a windows environment. I have looked WebDrive which is great, allowing you to use sftp to map a remote location to an network drive, but that costs money. Note that I am a total cheapskate, but I may have to roll this out for a bunch of people doing volunteer charity type work.

Anyway, filezilla is a nice client, but it lacks the critical feature of allowing you to integrate the remote host by mapping it to a windows drive. Does anyone know of a good product that would do this for us on a budget. I would be happy even with a non-persistent connection solution that would allow just for a mapping of a desktop shortcut that would allow drag-n-drop without having to burden an end user with a connection sequence/dialog.

Thanks in advance,