Transparent PNG in IE6

I’ve just tried to implement the solution found at:

I could not get it to work on my Dreamhost account.

I have all paths correct.
I added an .htaccess file with MIME type addition:
“AddType text/x-component htc”

But the fix is still not working for me in IE6.

Has anyone else attemtped to use this fix? Did you get it to work?

Previously I tried a simpler fix (pngfix.js), but I need my CSS background images to be transparent.


I use a combination of Microsoft’s proprietary Conditional Comments and Alpha Image Loader crap to accomplish this. For example, in the HTML I have:

[code]<!–[if lte IE 6]>

[/code]In the CSS, I have: [code]selector { background-image: none; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src="logo.png", sizingMethod="crop"); }[/code]-- [url=][b]si-blog[/b][/url] -- [b]Max[/b] discount on [i]any[/i] plan with promocode [url=|SCJESSEYTOTAL][b]SCJESSEYTOTAL[/b][/url]