Transmit Disk Permissions

I’m trying to use my DreamObjects account as a network drive on my various Macs. I’m looking into a couple app options, and I’ve noticed that when I use the Disk option (Mount as Disk) in Transmit I have permission errors.

Similar errors occurred when I used ExpanDrive, but I’m not seeing them now.

Has anyone see anything like this while using Transmit?

Just a few hours ago, someone at DreamHost told me they were having permissions issues with Transmit too. In their testing, right clicking a file to get info. It returns an error: Could not get attributes of “file”. Unexpected response received from server.

Are you seeing the same error?

I’m still digging to see where the cause of the problem is.

I am not. I can see File Info just fine. My errors only seem to show when I’m trying to copy, insert, upload, create, &c.

Confirmed, I’m having the “unexpected response” while trying to Get Info with Transmit. :frowning:

Thanks Xeno. Still trying to figure out why this is happening.